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    Blender Projects
In order to popularize Blender, Project OSCAR has been conducting workshops for a range of audiences. Right from a one hour talk to make the students aware about the capabilities of Blender to a 4 day focused workshop for faculty members about modeling & animation. Following is a list of the past workshops conducted by Project OSCAR teams. We now plan to conduct workshops using the video tutorials to maximize our reach.

Forth coming workshops : D J Sanghvi College of Engineering 6th October (Reg. Closed)

Blender Workshop at Don Bosco Institute of Technology
    Venue: Don Bosco Institute of Technology

Date :  19/01/12

Instructor :  Sameer Sahasrabudhe

Summary:  To learn the Basics of 3D modeling and get acquainted with 3D space and objects in 3D which included mental rotation and visualization. In order to do so, participants were asked to do their own version of chess pawn model and bouncing ball animation.

Blender Workshop at DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering
    Venue: DJ Sanghvi College Vile Parle,Mumbai

Date :  15/10/11

Instructor :  Monisha Banerjee

Summary:  Main goal was to present a basic process of greeting a 3D animation in Blender from scratch. The model was started with a standard cube in Blender. Main objective was to learn and explore
1)Basic transform commands Move/Scale/ Rotate
2)Save File
3)Edit Mode
4)Object Mode

Blender Workshop at IDC Dept. IITBombay
    Venue: IDC Dept IITBombay

Date :  07/05/12 to 17/05/12

Instructor :  Uriel Deveaud


Blender Workshop at PICT Pune
    Venue: PICT Pune

Date :  03/04/10 to 08/04/10

Instructor :  Kapil Kadam, BhanuPrakash & Nitin Ayer


Blender Workshop at VMCC IITBombay
    Venue: VMCC,IITB

Date :  17/09/11

Instructor :  Sneha Deorukhkar, Pooja Bhawar & Mrunal Phansalkar


Talk at Blender Conference
    Venue: Amsterdam

Date :  24/10/2009

Instructor :  Sameer Sahasrabuddhe


Talk at G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering
    Venue: Nagpur

Date :  21/10/10

Speaker :  Sameer Sahasrabudhe & Kapil Kadam


Talk at Anifest India
    Venue: IITBombay

Date :  24/08/09

Speaker :  Sameer Sahasrabudhe


Talk at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Science and Research
    Venue: Pune

Date :  20/02/10

Speaker :  Kapil Kadam and Chirag Raman


Talk at Blender Conference
    Venue: Amsterdam

Date :  21/10/10

Speaker :  Kapil Kadam


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