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Project OSCAR History
  2001-2002 Prof. Sridhar - (Sunday meetings)– BTech students. Networking – Java applets
through course projects developed.
2003     Prof. Sridhar – Animation conceptualization and pedagogy. Vijaya - BE  projects – Used SE methodology for conceptualization, design and  development of  animations.

   Talks, seminars at schools and at IIT Maths dept TIME were taken up to get  feedback from students and teachers to understand whether animations do  enhance the understanding of the concepts and help in exploring the topic  further.

   SE methodology - i) Concept analysis, ii) Requirement specification which  included slides on how the concept will be explained, interaction slides and  assignments. Images given wherever required. iii) Design Specification which  includes layout of applet, a prototype of demo, followed by slides to show the  interactions, and any other options provided in the applet.

   Duration for developing animations - 6 months – 2 to 4 animations based  on complexity.


  Sameer started giving design inputs for applets.

  A paper published in SITE conference highlighting - imparting training in SE  through development of live projects . (animations was also one of these  developments). (Vijaya was also getting various websites, payment gateways  etc developed, using the BE students under ekalavya project). V1 of OSCAR  website took shape in this year.

  Focus was on developing school level (7-10) animations.


  Sameer's templates for animation – each school level domain had a   different template.

  Website for OSCAR was released.

  IIT faculty (Prof. Amarnath, Prof. Bhat and Prof. Mahajani) participated by  individually mentoring students to understand the concepts and also  development.

  Vijaya compiled an Applet development kit to be used by mentors and  developers.

  Cds of OSCAR distributed in Schools at various educational conference.

  2006-2007   Visited Arvind Gupta's Ayuka and videos of Fun with Science started by  Sameer and team.

  A paper on Project OSCAR presented at a National conference on education  in Mysore highlighting the use of interactive animations in understanding  difficult concepts that cannot be visualized easily.

  Online communication between developers and mentors started.Mrs. Anita  Kurien actively participated in mentoring the students using online  communication, to complete physics topics on Light for 8th standard students.

  OSCAR demos were given at many seminars, conferences.

  Translations of school animations started.


  Flash tutorials, workshops were conducted. Some of Sameer's team also  attended courses on Flash.

  Malati started participating in Project OSCAR. Her expertise with mobile  technology initiated animations on mobiles.

  Arvind Gupta Fun with Science videos were converted to flash animations by  Sameer's team.

  A mobile version of AG videos, animations and process were also  implemented by Sameer's team.

  Project OSCAR won the best open source project in education at .....  conference in Delhi.

  A paper was also presented highlighting development methodology and  scaling problems due to paucity of funds in this conference.

  Exploring blender started by Sameer for 3D animations.

  Blender workshops, attending seminars, papers by Sameer started.

  15 Blender Model for Chemistry were done.


  Prof. Jayashree from SNDT gave an overview of ID writing, LO standards  and specifics.

  Prof. Sahana came in with her expertise in pedagogy.

  Project OSCAR team started talking about Los, IDDs, templates, quality.

  Gargi started work on Los along with Sameer.

  For scaling various models were explored. Workshops conducted.

  MHRD provided seed funds for pilot.

  Faculty at IITB started participating in ID writing.

  Internal development of Los proving to be very costly.

  Sameer joined for Ph.D program at YCMOU with Prof. Sridhar & Pro. Sahana  as guides.

  25 Blender Models for Physics were done.


  The first set of concepts were outsourced to STAM fordeveloping IDDs and  LOs.

  Domain owner model with IDD written in Poject OSCAR LO template started.

  IDDs were written by RA, TA students or special ID trained personnel under  the guidance of domain owner (faculty).

  Second set of outsourcing happened with IDDs from the domain owner to  Karanji.

  Usha and Gargi attended online course of ID and some ET courses to  familiarize themselves with Educational technologies and ID basics.


  Gargi joins Ph. D program at IITB in ET dept.

  Outsourcing IDDs for development of LO proved to be more successful.  Both the vendors delivered at the same time. The first one took more than an  year, whereas the second vendor who was given IDDs delivered within 4  months.

  Domain owners from IITB, IIT Madras, and BITS Pilani, have started work on  IDDs. Work is in progress to meet the 300 LO target.

  Sahana with her Ph.D students has started the research thread.

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