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  Our research focuses on the design, development, use and evaluation of OSCAR learning objects. We are addressing questions such as:      
   What are the design guidelines to be used in the LO creation process that lead to high usability of LOs? How can principles from various domains (such as graphic design, interaction design, multimedia and animation design) be integrated to formulate the design guidelines?
   How can we create high quality LOs in multiple domains at a high production rate ?
   What is the impact of LOs on students' conceptual understanding, scientific abilities and attitudes ?
   What aspects of the LOs need to be evaluated to address the needs of all the stakeholders ? What evaluation instruments capture a 360 degree evaluation of the LOs?
  Our research involves observations of students interacting with the LOs, peer review of LOs by faculty subject-matter experts, and user feedback from students. In the future, we plan to conduct studies on student learning and use of LOs by teachers. If you are interested in participating in research studies on the use of OSCAR learning objects for teaching or learning, please click here.  
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  Creating Open Source Repository of 3D Models of Laboratory Equipments using Blender Shruti Dere,Sameer Sahasrabudhe,Sridhar Iyer   IEEE Conference on Technology for Education (T4E), Mumbai, India, July 2010.  
  Creating 3D Animations of Laboratory Experiments Using Open Source Tools. Sameer Sahasrabudhe,Sridhar Iyer
International Conference on e-learning (ICEL), Toronto, Canada, July 2009.
  ELAM: A Model for Acceptance and Use of E-learning by Teachers and Students. Farida Umrani-Khan and Sridhar Iyer
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  Project OSCAR: Open Source Courseware. Digital Learning Track, eIndia Sridhar Iyer,C. Vijaya Lakshmi,Malati Baru and Usha   Viswanathan.   Digital Learning Track, eIndia 2008, Delhi, India, July 2008.  
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